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What is SCSA20.com?

SCSA20.com is a personal site created by Michael (who goes by the user name of scsa20, tusk the site SCSA20.com).  The site is geared towards reviews of anime, technology, movies, manga, and more.  Along with reviews I also have personal rants and random things.

Who is scsa20?

Scsa20 is someone who is random at times.  Most people who knows him are used to his randomness that he can pull at times.  He’s currently working under contract for an ISP company and hopes he become hired full time in the future.  He currently only update his site whenever he gets the chance to.

What is Simon-soft.com?  And why did it redirect me to SCSA20.com?

Simon-soft.com is another site owned by Michael which will become his professional site whenever he gets around to program whatever he was going to program.  He already has some ideal of what he wants to do.

For the reason why it redirected you to SCSA20.com is because the site is still on going and probably won’t be up until he doesn’t become lazy any more.

I have a question or suggestion for scsa20, how do I get a hold of him?

The best way would be to email him, he checks his email everyday, so if you want to contact him, send him an email to [email protected]