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About Horo

Name: Horo~ (Demi-pseudonym, of course~)
Age: What a rude thing to ask a lady! (21!)
Gender: Context clues provided by: Age Section.
Height and Weight: Tall enough and light enough. D:< Fave activities: Playing with comps, some good old video games, posting here when I can, reading some good books, and just doing what I do~ Fave color: Midnight Blue~ Food: Apples! Duh. Drink: Pure water~ It goes down so well~ Religion: ME-ISM. COPE. Sexuality: How lewd. Why are you asking me such things? Shoo, shoo. Begone with you. (Straight.) Secret Superpowers: What? Location: Texas! That's all you're getting. Bio/More About Me: What's there to say? You all should have a general idea on my feelings, beliefs, and who I am just based off my posts. Why are you here, anyways? ARE YOU STALKING ME?! Haha, but in all seriousness... What you need to know, I think you know. I shall assume I've given you some of what you wanted to know. I'll go ahead and leave this as is for now. I might (probably) tweak it at some point. Enjoy~