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March 6, 2014 – 2:32 am

So I built a new system that is designed to be my gaming rig but decided to go with Windows 8.1. Hey, got a copy for free from my TechNet Subscription (which, sadly, will be …

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A Bit on Apathy? Eh, I Don’t Feel Like It…

Submitted by on May 18, 2010 – 10:12 pm

Recently I’ve noticed something. People seem to be caring less and less. It doesn’t matter about what. It just seems to be happening. Whether it’s intentional apathy or just slow desensitization, people are showing much less interest or compassion with the rest of the world. Sure, they might be sweet and kind to others on an individual basis, they seem to show a blank face to the rest of the world.

Whatever happened to the days of open friendliness? Now it seems that people greet each other with suspicion rather than a big smile, a ‘How-do-you do?’, and a nice, firm handshake. A gesture of trust and friendship. A sign that you’re willing to talk, be open, and maybe invite the other over for tea.

Sure, that’s a bit old-timey, but I’m just sayin’. Also, I’m fairly certain I’m not the first to notice this, and I doubt I’ll be the last. In fact, most of you might be nodding to yourselves and saying ‘I’ve heard all of this already.’ Well, I’m not too concerned with what you know or have heard about right now.

I, for one, do have feelings and good cheer. I intend to share them with those who are willing to accept them, and even with a few who don’t. Sometimes people need to hear that sort of thing. Undoubtedly a few of you are sitting there and thinking ‘What a self-righteous idiot.’ Meh. Don’t care. This is a blog where I can (mostly) post what I want. Today I felt like making my views and thoughts on this subject known.

So there you have it. My advice to everyone is…

The next random person you meet… Say hello to them with a big smile on your face. Extend your hand and give them a good shake. Ask them how they are, and actually pay attention to them. Try to send an aura of friendliness, if you will. See if you somehow made them feel a little better about life in general. That isn’t your goal, though. What you want to see… Is that person do the same to the next one they meet. And the next. And the next. See if it might come full circle, and someday… Someone greets you with that meaningful smile, and you feel a bit of your own good cheer and friendliness come back to you. Then… Start it all again. Don’t let it stop.


I’ll pop these into ‘Headlines’ until SCSA posts summat. I expect he might soon.

PS: I’ma try and post daily.

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