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So I built a new system that is designed to be my gaming rig but decided to go with Windows 8.1. Hey, got a copy for free from my TechNet Subscription (which, sadly, will be …

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No decent title that doesn’t sound too depressing…


Like the title implies, this post/rant might be a little on the depressing side… So take this as a warning.

Dreams. Youth. Potential.

Whatever happened to these things? When we were young, we’d so often hear about how we’d go places. People (usually our parents) would tell us we could do so much. That we could be anything we wanted to be if we worked hard at it. After all, it worked out for them, right?

Yet look at the world now. Work simply doesn’t cut it anymore. Effort doesn’t go as far as it used to. All your childish dreams and wants are thrown back at you by the world. You start realizing you can’t meet your potential due to many circumstances. Family, money, and bad luck are a few of these.

You enter the world, you enter society with big ideas, hopes, and dreams. Then life starts to rear the ugly side of its head. You realize you need a job to get the money you need for what you want to do, for your education. After all, you have the power to do certain jobs. You could be a computer wizard or a medical prodigy. You’ve proven yourself to be just as skilled (sometimes even more than) people with degrees in your subject. But it doesn’t mean a thing without that paper, without that certification. Ability means nothing without some ink and paper. So you work and you work. You tire yourself out.

Now you finally have the funds. You go to school, you get what you need. That ridiculous little paper that held you back so much before. You’re ready to go into your ‘dream job’. Then you get turned away at the door. Why is this? Sadly, the world has become a place where what you know doesn’t matter as much. Now it’s about WHO you know. You realize you’ve spent so much time learning and working that you never got the ‘contacts’ necessary. So it’s back to your old (or another) job for more work.

It’s just to safely spend time, right? After all, some door is bound to open if you keep pushing for it. Sure, that makes sense. So now you pay your bills. You watch expenses pile up. You try for many other places, all where your degree would make sense. You get to see those less qualified than you get the job because they had buddies inside. You age. Life is still nipping at you, picking you apart.

Whatever happened to the child with dreams, with hope? What went wrong? Why did life and the world treat them as it did? They did their best, and it still meant little. They’re stuck in an endless loop, waiting for the slimmest opportunity to get out of it. Waiting to get a little more luck than they had the day before.

What happened to us all?

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  • Addy says:

    wow horo that is so true

  • Dameon says:

    Would you believe my childhood dream was to be a superhero? But there's no degree for that, nor a place for someone like me now that I chose a degree that few know what it is (BA in Sociology), much less how it's used. (social analysis, government work, etc)

    I found a way around the problem with getting too much education and no contacts, but it's boring as hell. I ended up trying to go to the networking sessions the school offers occasionally. I hate parties, but I try and end up coming away with nothing most of the time, but it's supposed to help.

    I just hope my work in education was not in vain.

    Keep up the great posts, Horo.

  • 2584 says:

    Then you end up like me. Completely broken and lost. Wandering from place to place without a home of your own or the money with which to support yourself. The lunatic is in your head and won't leave. You live a shell of an excistance. No one will hire you because you're 26 and have no work history. They think you are lying when you say 'N/A'.

    Mental illness becomes a weight that gets more heavy as time goes on. The best I have to hope for is that the government will acknowledge this and give me disability.


    But, you are not me, and you are somewhat younger. You'll get where you are going. :)

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