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March 6, 2014 – 2:32 am

So I built a new system that is designed to be my gaming rig but decided to go with Windows 8.1. Hey, got a copy for free from my TechNet Subscription (which, sadly, will be …

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Happy Birthday to me.

Submitted by on April 11, 2005 – 2:58 am

For most of you who still don’t know, today is my birthday, and today I turn 19. No, I don’t feel anything “specal” from turning 19 because to me, it’s just another fucken day that I don’t really fucken care about. I still have work (which my manager would be saying happy birthday to me non-stop while my other co-workers probibly wouldn’t care (which I would like), then agian, Rodge might think different too, but fuck if I care if anyone says happy b-day to me), still need to get my shots (which I’ve put off for too long now because of my fucken cold), and still have to put up with Earl >_> Atleast I don’t have to put up with Ron because that’ll be worst. The next day would be court day (yah!) for a name change (it’s all the DMV fault god damn it! If only they put down my name the way I wanted it in the first place!!). Things never go right on my birthday. One year I was sick for crying out loud.

When did I started not to care about my birthday? Oh… when I was like, hmm… 15 I think, that’s when I find out “Ok, it’s my birthday, perfect excuse to hang out with my friends, but wait, I hang out with them all the time anyways, why bother having an excuse?” Which also lead me to “Oh, it’s a birthday, another fucken year had gone by, who gives a flying fuck.” Don’t get me wrong, if someone I know cares about there birthday so much that I’ll get them something for there birthday or if I have kids I’ll celeabrate it or whatever, I just don’t care for them.

But… But… your only 2 years away to drink legally, you got to party then! Hmm… no, for one, I don’t drink, another thing, it’s just going to be another fucken day, big whoop. I’m nothing like my sister (who is talking my dad into booking hotal rooms at some cosino in Las Vegis so she could go there and drink, gamble, etc, and she’s making my dad and mom go with her, that means I get the new house to myself for a few days, YAH!). I’m nothing like my sister nor my dad, nor my mom, I think differently from them. They’re Republicans, I’m independted, what does that tell you?

But isn’t there something you want on your birthday? Like what? I make my own money I could buy whatever the fuck I want. Shit, I alreadly got my birthday present like 4 weeks ago (which is my digital camera which I still have used maybe 2 times just to test it out. I would use it more if I had fucken time) but still haveing to pay for it myself, I still have to pay my parents 200 bucks (minus 50 something dollars for this one video game that my dad wanted me to get for him). Shit, the only thing I would want would be a new fucken chair, the chair I’m sitting on right is freaking me out, It’s so fucken loose that I have no clue when it’ll braek. Or how about new speakers for my car? Then again, we don’t know if I might sell that car and get a new one after the move, but whatever. Whatever the choices are, I could pretty much get it myself (if I had time and not too fucken lazy).

Shit, if I feel up to it (and feel like getting in a bit of trouble), I would just walk around naked and say “I’m in my birthday suit, which means I’m a year older now!” just to piss some people off and get in trouble. I’m anti-birthday? I guess so, the way I talk about it. Who gives a rats ass that your a year older? It only means your a year closer to death! You were born to die, nothing stopping that from happening (unless someone somehow creates a formaual for immorataty). Shit, if you want to give me something as a present, send me some money for a trip to Japan (which I would take in about 10 years (give or take to learn to actually speak Japanese before flying over there).

Ok, it’s starting to get really late (btw… if you must know, I got home from work like a hour and 53 minutes ago), got to wake up early for getting my shots and to get ready for work >_>

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