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March 6, 2014 – 2:32 am

So I built a new system that is designed to be my gaming rig but decided to go with Windows 8.1. Hey, got a copy for free from my TechNet Subscription (which, sadly, will be …

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Today’s long rant touches on different topics.

Submitted by on May 22, 2005 – 4:42 pm

Been a while since I ACTUALLY wrote out a rant. And yes, I did type this out in MSWord to make this go A LOT faster. Anyways, I like to touch among some things in today’s rantage (yes, I know there’s no such word, so don’t give me that crap). Of course, the main rants are always the bigger one, sometimes I’ll have 2 rants and some small ones (this is how I’m going to have it layout from now on). So lets start today’s rant, shall we?

Ok, let me get this one out of the way first. This has something to do with the Livermore School District and how everyone I know who’s still in high school is so pissed off about. Yes, LHS and GHS are now going to be closed campus. I can see how shock you must be right now going like ”OMG! I’M STUCK ON CAMPUS! THIS REALLY SUCKS!”. All I can say is shut the fuck up.

First of all, I no longer go to LHS, I know go to LPC. I can see your question now; ”Then why are you talking about something you no longer go to?”. Well… just because I feel like it.

Anyways, continuing on with this part of the rant, I must say that I’m grateful that they are closing down there campus. I’ve seen a lot of dumb ass teens doing some really stupid stuff during lunch when they go off campus; sometimes they don’t even come back. I talked with this one security guard who had to deal with some of this shit and he’s damn happy that they’re closing there campus too. Even if I still went to LHS when they decided to close the campus, I still wouldn’t care.

I still find it funny how this all news came to them as a shock. I knew since Sophomore year that they were thinking about closing down the campus, in fact, they even had the fences up already so don’t give me that bullshit about them spending all that money that they could use for books and shit because they already spent yet a few years ago. COME ON PEOPLE, THINK!!

Now, don’t get me wrong, they should let students off campus if, and I do mean IF, they have a pretty good GPA and has a pretty good attendant record, but that’ll be the only expectation (unless the kid forgot his next class book and needs to run home to get it or something).

Moving the rant along, let’s get into Star Wars. I know you think I might write something nice about Star Wars but you guess wrong. I can’t believe how overrated Star Wars is now; I mean, episode 4, 5, and 6 was the best. When they released episode 1, it sucked, haven’t saw the second one but I know it sucks, and me and Trev., went to see the third one but all sold out but I know that it’ll probably sucks also.

Web Site Update — I made a pretty small step to working on my site but fell short from laziness. I’ll TRY working on it a bit when before I head off to FAnime.

Oh, FAnime is just around the corner, I just can’t wait! Look forward for a con report plus pictures (time to put my digital camera to good use!). I’m going to go out on Tuesday to pick up a lens filter that will keep the subject in focus while blurring out the background for this special occasion. I also need to make sure I that I have everything for the big filming of GTL (Great Teacher Largo) (Me and the guy who plays him has been e-mailing each other back and forth about this, and he got some more people on staff so we’re going to get together on Friday to talk about what to do and such).

Yesterday, my family and I went out to this one used car lot where they sell mainly trucks and was looking at this one Ranger. The asking price was about 7K, but my dad thought it was worth 5K, the guy goes to present the offer and comes back saying that the whole price was about 6K and wants my dad to raise the offer, my dad wouldn’t do so and the sells man was pretty much forcing us, finally the guy gets up and says “well, you have a nice day” while shacking my dad’s hand (although my dad was in the middle of saying something) and we left, then my dad heard the guy throwing away the paper that he was using to write down the offer. The guy pretty much threw us out, it was funny, and because he knows that there was no way that my dad was going to go any higher. But we don’t even know what we’re going to do with my current car until we find out if there was any damage under the hood.

Welp… my minds all over the place, a bit tired and yet I don’t feel tired, and I need to get ready to head back to work (w00t, one more day then I’m off, go back to work for one more day after that one off and then I get 5 days off :-) ). Well… cya.

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