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March 6, 2014 – 2:32 am

So I built a new system that is designed to be my gaming rig but decided to go with Windows 8.1. Hey, got a copy for free from my TechNet Subscription (which, sadly, will be …

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And the world turns

Submitted by on September 18, 2005 – 12:23 am

Long, boring, somewhat cool to the end, day.

Woke up this morning and went out to Ace hardware to get some more salt for the water softener, then we went to the store, went home, did this, did that. We even went out and gotten a new wireless PC Notebook card for my dad’s laptop.

When we got home, I installed the new wireless card and it seemed to worked just fine until I put it into higbernate and took it back out (as a test to see if it’ll pick up) and nope, didn’t work… tired to force it still wouldn’t work. That’s the tird card that did that already, so at this point I know there’s something wrong with the card slot itself. So later today, we went back out to return the linksys card (because the newer card works 10x better, just that the laptop does not wanna work, I tried that wireless card on my laptop and worked just fine… plus we ever changed the router to one that puts out more single) and to take the laptop into compusa (even though me and dad promised each other to never step foot in there again, but we had to since it’s under there warntie). I told the guy excetly what’s wrong and why I think it’s the problem… lol, the following I just couldn’t help but to laugh. For one, as soon as I said “hybernate” he stopped me and said that he doesn’t recommand it because of troions that works off of it or whatever… I just shrug it off and contuned on. He went and got the store’s wireless PCI card and pop it in, installed the drivers and said it seemed to work, and then he went and did a spyware/adware scan claiming that they could of been the cause of the problem. “Here comes the go-around,” I told myself. He installed something called spysweaper or whatever. I told him that I used Spybot Search and Distroyed on it and he started saying shit about it. Yep… whatever the fuck you say you fucken moron. Spywhatever, 25 bucks (or something), Spybot Search and Distroy, free. Of course I dad bought it, don’t know why, won’t do him any good. While it was cleaning up the “spywares” and “adwares” he kept checking the “single” and said he was getting great single. Yeah, try restarting the computer and then try, fucker, that’s the whole reason why we brought it there. He goes on to tell my dad some complete bullshit about spyware casuing them not to connect

hmm… let me get this stright, if I can’t connect to my wireless router, that means I have spyware… hmm… interesting… If you have ANY knownledge about computers and spy/adwares, you’ll know that spyware does not prevent you from connecting to anything because they need the connection to send back the data… they just cause slow downs, that’s it! Oh, and did I mention to you that he said that any search engine is spyware? Wow, no kidding, I didn’t knew google was putting cookies on my hard drive at which it was preventing my dad’s laptop from connecting. Mind you, that I do have gmail, I do have the gmail noticer, etc. on my laptop and I could still get the card to work like it was nothing on mine, ever after putting it into hybernate mode and back out, connected right away. My laptop works just fine, and I haven’t scanned for spyware/adware in a long time so I could have tons of them for all I know but I don’t notice a thing!

Moving along, he said everything checks out fine without even trying to restart the system or putting it in and out of hybernation to try it, and I even told him that it worked like no other when I first installed it, only after restarting/hybernation is when it gets the problems.

Anyways, after he pretty much talked my dad into thinking it’s the spyware’s fault and shit, we went to best buy where I went inside to return the linksys wireless PCI card. The young lady (around my age), Candi (I believe that’s how she got her name spelled) was helping me. She was really cute. At first it was nothing but businese until she informed me that the recept that I gave her was the wrong one.. DUH!! She asked for the phone number I used but it didn’t seem to show up so she asked for the credit card to use… now, after she told me about the wrong recept, that’s where we started talking some more… So after I handed her one of my cards I told her, “I think that’s the one, in fact, I know that’s the one, kind of hard to do much with my other one because it’s only a 300 doller credit limit” and so we started talking about credit card Co. and how much they suck and such, from there we started talking about internet shopping sites and into work and then into gas prices… been in there for about 10 minutes and my mom comes in. It was pretty funny because my mom taped me on the other sholder so I looked to my right and then to my left where my mom was and Candi was like “didn’t you say you had your parents waiting out in the car” and I was like, “oh, forgot all about it” (which I tend to do when I start ranting and getting into a convo). Now if I was in my right mind I would of told my mom that I’ll be out in a sec and see if I could get her number or atleast find out the next time (where I don’t have work) when she’s working so I could ease her boredom (because I could see that at night, in the customer service booth, it could get pretty boring) or when she’s off from work to meet up, but damn, this always happens to me. Oh wells.

Got home and plugged in the notebook wireless card and, of course, it didn’t work. Wasted all that gas for nothing. I told the guy what I did, he knew what I did (either that or just weren’t listening thinking that I don’t know shit about computers (ha, if I didn’t know shit about computers, how come I was looking at this one motherboard that this one kid brought in hoping to trade for something simler, he even asked if I was looking for a motherboard and my reply was, “you know, I’m not right now but if I was I might buy it off of you.” That motherboard that kid had didn’t seem that bad of a motherboard either, guess they just got the wrong one). Ha, the guy at CompUSA doesn’t know shit and didn’t want to listen to me because he thinks I’m some “punk ass kid who doesn’t know shit about computers.” I hate fuckers like that.

Anyways, enough rant.

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