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Submitted by on November 15, 2005 – 11:24 pm

I haven’t done an review in a while for anime, plus this well be the first for Movies (not really) and Mangas (not really).


Star Wars: Ep 3, Revenge of the Sith (or whatever) – Watched on: Don’t care – This, I swear, was crap, although it’s better then the first one and I haven’t bothered watching the second one so I don’t even care. The ONLY cool part (for me) was when they put the mask on Darth Vader. Why I let Trev and Joe talked me into seeing it with them (which would be the second time for them) is beyond me.

Batman Begins – Watched on: 7/2/05 – This movie was pretty cool, the first half of the movie was pretty boring because it was showing his past and all that, but after that part, when you see him starting to become batman, it was pretty cool. Although I do find it funny how the guy was driving some nice car but in the last other batman movies, you see him driving those classic cars instead of the one he was driving in the movie, so unless he sold that off or something, that makes me wonder.


Magister Negi Magi (AKA: Negima!) – I liking this read really much. Created by Ken Akamatsu (the creator of Love Hina) back in 2004. This manga series is actually an anime series now but it isn’t as great as the manga, although I’ve heard it was getting better. Negima is about this boy who is training to become a magister magi like his father, the Thousand Master, but in order for him to continue down his path, he has to complete an ordeal, and that is to become a teacher at an all girls school! That’s all I’m going to say :-P

Last Hope – This isn’t bad for a manga that isn’t created in Japan (not ALL mangas are from Japan :-p ). This was created by Michael Dignan (writer) and Kriss Sison (artist). It’s pretty much about a person who grandfather is trying to kill and so he jumps to another time to run from him. But doing so destroyed his portal device. Waiting there for a few years, he saw a kid who is really a wiz on read advance devices and such, at which he was trying to disguise himself as a normal high school student. One day, the guy pulls the wiz kid aside and took him to his house at which he told him that he knew he was hiding something and then he came out and said he was his last hope for getting his time portal device fixed. Really not bad from the new publisher Seven Seas.

Amazing Agent Luna – Another release by the new publishing company, Seven Seas. Created by DeFilippis & Weir (writers) and Shiei (artist). It’s about a teenage girl name Luna who has a secret, and that secret is she’s a spy. Her mission is to go to this one high school as a student and gather information. This is her first time she ever went to a normal school. What’s worst is that she has to keep her ID a secret. Watch her go though hard times for this is the first time she well ever feel any of this things.

Alice 19th – It’s a pretty cool manga. It’s pretty much about a girl name Alice who find herself having to know the lotus words to fight an evil that’s in everyone’s heart.

Imadoki! Nowadays – I was actually touched with this manga. It’s by the same creator of Alice 19th (Yû Watase). About a small town girl who moves to a high richly city to go to school. She finds that trying to fit in with the rich is hard but that wouldn’t stop her from making friends.

Sensual Phrase – Okay, I didn’t started reading this tell one of my friends told me that it was really good (although she only read a couple vol. (forgot how many though)), so I decided to check it out. I must admit, after reading the 8th manga, I’m really interested in it and probably keep looking for new releases (just like Negima and some others). It’s pretty much about a girl who was going to submit a lyric that she written up for some contest but a twist happen. Before she could submit it, she almost got hit by a car. The person in the car was a young man, and to make it up to her, he gave her a back stage pass, and when she departed, the man saw the lyrics and took them. The girl was in disbelieving that she lost her lyrics but when she went to the show the guy who almost ran her over WAS SINGING HER SONG! The guy who almost ran her over jumps into the crowd and picks her up and takes her on stage. After the show, he came up to her and asked her to be his lyricist. What well happen to her now? You got to read to find out :P

Tsubasa – Why should I even bother commenting on this? It’s great! Although I won’t recommend watching the anime if your reading the manga, it’s just horrible

xxxHOLiC – Another great one by CLAMP that’s not worthy of my comments… oh, and this and Tsubasa does crossover!

Bleach – This manga series has really been a good read so far, I’m reading volume 9 right now (well… not right this second). Bleach is pretty much a guy name Ichigo who can see ghosts. One day, a monster attacked him and his family. A death god name Rukia shows up and tries to take down this “monster” called Hollows. But, because of Ichigo, she gets hurt and gives Ichigo an option, become a death god and destroy the hollow or don’t. Ichigo decides to become the death god and defeats the hollow. Rukia only meant to give him half of her powers but it seems like ichigo took it all! What happens from there? You got to read/watch and find out!

Since I got a lot of mangas, I’m just going to stop there…


Bleach – Read the review for the manga. Only differences is that, from what I’ve heard, it covers loose ends from the manga.

Shuffle! – This is such a great anime! Based off of a visual novel by Navel, this series is pretty much about a guy who is surrounded by girls. Three of the girls are really popular in school, so popular that they have there own unofficial “bodyguards” that causes more trouble for the guy then its worth. Now, before you go on to saying, “oh, it’s just another series about a guy who’s surrounded by girls,” I do have to say that the story is actually more depth then that plus the leading male isn’t DUMB either (compare to the other ones I’ve seen). Oh, didn’t I mention that the king of gods and the king of demons are trying to have him marry one of there daughter? (You just gotta watch to understand what I’m trying to say ;) ).

Black Cat – This series just recently came out, and so far I’m pretty hook. I think what got me hook was the opening theme song, Daia no Hana by Yoriko. It’s pretty much about a guy who is train to kill without emotion, he’s XIII, also known as Black Cat. He meets up with a guy who tries to capture bad people for money when he went on a mission. Are these two going to meet again? You just gotta watch ;)

Anyways… Since I’m too lazy to go on, and I should be in bed now, I’ll just say this, I’m going to, from now on, right up an review for each ep of any anime I’ve seen or for a manga I’ve read. Even though there’s a lot of reviews you could read, I’ll tell you what I think of it and what bugs the hell out of me ;)

Well… good night all!

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