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So I built a new system that is designed to be my gaming rig but decided to go with Windows 8.1. Hey, got a copy for free from my TechNet Subscription (which, sadly, will be …

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Things to know about Arizona

Submitted by on March 5, 2006 – 4:14 pm

After living here in Arizona for about 7 months, I’ve noticed a lot of things that’s different over here then back in California.

1) Drivers are quick to flip people off
Sad but true, Arizona drivers here well flip you off for almost anything, even if your just driving the speed limit.

2) The only time you get rain is during the monsoon season
And the monsoon season normally last for about a month or so. If we do, by god, get rain outside of monsoon season, it’s like only 2 drops per minute for about 5 minutes and the news people makes a big deal about it saying “Look! It’s raining!!”

3) We have loops!
Lets see, there’s loop 101, loop 202, and, I believe, there’s a loop 303 that’s just loops around the city (loop 101 loops around the whole Phoenix metro area) with an highway 17 and a highway 51 that starts one place and ends at another.

4) There’s always a back road.
I’m not shitting you, you could littlery drive on streets and get to where you needed to be without having to touch the highways (although highways are faster :p )

5) Arizona’s DMV isn’t called DMV, it’s called MVD
And they do not community between the 2 states for whatever reason (we found that out because the DMV in California canceled my sister’s California license because she didn’t had car insurance which is bullshit, we just switched insurance to be in Arizona, now she got to drive like a good girl so she won’t get pulled over).

6) Arizona is a small place
You’d be surprised how many people I found on the forums I go to lives in Arizona >_>

7) There’s quite a few California haters here
If your going to be driving in this states with a California plats and tags, I suggest that you drive the speed limit and don’t into a road range mode >_>

8) Got into an accented? Somebodies gonna get a ticket
Who ever caused the accented gets a ticket funny as that may seem.

9) Auto insurance cost more in Arizona then in California
And you know why? It’s because there’s ALWAYS an accented somewhere in the morning and/or evening, ALWAYS!!! >_>

10) It’s mainly dry out here and it sucks getting shocked 99% of the time.
I’d like to see you try working on the inside of your computer without shocking any of your hardware, it’s freaken hard! *goes and puts on his static electricity protector wristband to work in the inside of his system*

11) If your looking for a Fry’s, they’ll point you to the correct direction but to the wrong Fry’s
There’s only 2 Fry’s Electric stores that I’m aware about but there’s TONS of Fry’s grocery stores out here (they dominate over Safeway!)

12) Cox is a bunch of cock suckers
I mean, you don’t have the ability to search for movies with your TV remote, you could only see a day ahead and a day behind you, AND NO ON DEMAND!!! >.< Oh, and there reminder system sucks. (oh, and did I mention there internet access kinda suck as well?)

welp, that’s it for right now, might add more a bit later on.

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