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March 6, 2014 – 2:32 am | 5,368 views

So I built a new system that is designed to be my gaming rig but decided to go with Windows 8.1. Hey, got a copy for free from my TechNet Subscription (which, sadly, will be …

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What the hell is Steve Jobs doing?

wow… I honestly do not know where Steve Jobs is coming from here… and I know this rant is a bit too late in the game but I don’t care.

First and foremost, it seems like Apple released a 64-bit system (finally) but the starting price is still too much, even after lowering everything to no monitor, the lowest processor, 1 hard drive (the lowest storage space to boot), 1 gig of ram, no wireless, 1 CD-ROM drive, standard keyboard and mouse, no service plan, etc, would still cost you over 2.1K, and this is the Mac Pro I’m talking about. For the iMacs, starting is 1.2K, or you could go with a POS Mac Mini for 599. iMacs and Mac Mini means there’s no way of upgrading them, what you get is what you get, the only time you could upgrade would to be first time customization, anytime after that you either buy a new one or you send it in to get it fixed. the Mac Pro allows you to upgrade it but your limited to what you could upgrade (until they started using Intel processors, they your not that limited but still limited because of the OS). Now, you could pretty much get a lot better system if you went with a PC for less then what apple is asking for there Macs.

Another thing I find funny, bootcamp. Although still in beta stage, it’s still pretty damn stupid. Why you ask? Because you will still need to go out and get a license copy of either XP Home ($200 dollars) or XP Pro ($300) (prices shows for new installation, for upgrades, subtract $100 but you are required to have the the new install version as bootcamp doesn’t support upgrade). So after paying close to 15k of the top of the line specs for a Mac Pro, you will still need to spend another 2-300 bucks for XP which also makes Bill Gates richer. It would be SO much cheaper just to go out and get a PC with XP already installed and download a Linux flavor and install it onto another partition of the drive and duel boot that way (reason: no need to pay extra for the OS as the OS is included and Linux is free anyways so why even bother paying for another OS?). LILO is a great boot menu for Linux too.

Honestly, I think the item that’s making Steve Jobs rich is the iPod. In the show of hands (ok, posts), how many of you have an Apple iPod? I would think a good handful of you does, either that or have a friend or relatives that does. I went to LA many times in the past few months (up until me and my ex broke up, we’re still good friends though… hmm…. maybe we could be friends with benefits, I wonder… I should bring this up with her) and you could see billboards and flayers up everywhere advertising the iPod. I would say this, the original (first gen) iPods were cool but they just became crap as the generations moved forward. I did thought about getting one 3 years back but decided not to after I got my sister a pink mini-iPod. It was crap. I’m perfectly find with my iRiver Clix, thank you very much. How much is apple investing in advertising the iPod? A whole lot more then there Macs, that’s for sure.

Also, what’s with those commercials that they’re showing now with that one kid from Dodgeball: True Underdog Story and, oh, what’s that movie called, eh, oh wells, anyways, that kid and some guy with glasses with the kid saying shit and making the guy with glasses say stupid things like, “oh, my other parts is over in another box,” and the kid’s like, “well, I’m already to go right out of the box.” First and foremost, with latest technology making PCs smaller, so does allowing you to ship a computer WITH the monitor and keyboard and mouse all in one box (along with a 2 speaker set if added). This is because PCs are becoming lighter by not adding too much extra heavy parts and because most people would get the standard 15″ flat screen monitor. Anything extra then they well normally ship the monitor separately but still ship the PC, keyboard, and mouse together. With the iMac and Mac Mini, well.. the iMac is a computer in it’s own screen (thus the reason why it’s hard to upgrade the graphic card on this guy) and the mac mini is, will… small. The Mac Pro, on the other, might do what PCs manufactures does, ship with everything in one box or separate depending on if they could fit it all in in one box, so technically speaking, they could also ship separately as well.

Looking for a mini computer? Don’t even bother with the Mac Mini as it’s not upgradeable, instead, go to Fry’s Electric or whoever you have that’s a top PC hardware store or just buy online. You could get Mini PCs motherboard and cases, building it is really cheap to since all you really need is the case, motherboard, processor, ram, and hard drive (can’t forgot an OS).

Anyways.. it’s midnight now, and I should really be in bed (I’m driving this week and all).

Oh, and Trevor, if your reading this, don’t forgot to get a ticket for me as well for the Blue Men Group =)

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