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Nudity (or Suggestive) Art in good Taste; good or bad?

Submitted by on September 25, 2006 – 3:10 am

Ok, after what happen in a forum I go to of where the admin moved a thread to a locked up section of the forums got me thinking.

First of all, the lady who started the thread posting a few images that she drew, the images that she drew show suggestive content. Now, mind you that she posted this thread in the creative forum (where you post your drawings, poems, etc.) so your creative side could be showen to the world.

Anyways, I was giving the admin an hard time a little and then he more likely took it personal. Now that he took it personally, I have in my rights to take this personal too. Sure, it’s his forums he could move it to a locked up section if he wants but I think he’s, sorry to say, STUPID! for moving a thread of just a few of these pictures showing suggestive content.

Here’s what he said after my post:

“In regards to why I moved it, it’s simply that these images, while not necessarily provocative or overtly graphic, are each suggestive in their own right, and not 100% suitable for the public forums. It is, in the end, my decision.”

I went back to re-review the images and I say that the content is, at most, PG-13 related, and he’s keeping the site at a PG-13 related site, so I see no reason why this one thread had to be moved to a locked section.

My responds:

“Dude, …, I know 10 years old who look at these kinds of drawings, in fact, I know some who even draws this kinds of drawings.

Sure, the images of suggestive but not to the point of having to being moved to a forum that’s locked up tight.

Besides, looking through the member list and the youngest member I’ve found is 12 years old and she (or he) hasn’t been back since that 2 posts that was made.

Plus, if you ask me, there won’t be too many young ones being on ANY forums to begin with (with many reasons too, one of which is because the parents are more strict in terms of what sites their children is limited to (namely: nickelodeon, Disney, and those kinds of sites)) so I would say that it’s safe to say that these images could safely be display in an open forum.

Do I have to remind you that in some art galleries that the family goes to have pictures up of naked people on the wall or status that shows breast or penis?

Point being, as long as the art is in ‘good taste’ (as of these) I say I see no reason why it should be in these section.

Then again, your the ‘big brother’ here so do what you wish.

Edit: I’ve re-review the drawings and I would say that they’re, at the very most, PG-13 related, which is your aim to keep this forums at. Which leads me back to one question: Do you even know what ART is? (and yes, I am being sarcastic in that question :p )”

Interesting enough, the original thread starter never jumped in, I would guess it’s because she hasn’t been online yet or something. I’ll keep you updated.

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