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Clannad Episode 18

I’ve been typing this review for this episode since 2/15/2008 and just now got done due to a whole bunch of issues which I’ll post about later.  For now, enjoy the review.

Clannad episode 18… just 6 episodes left, so we’re running into the home stretch now. This episode does show a few things. Like, for an example, how Tomoya can’t stop thinking about Nagisa during his suspension from school.


Tomoyo walking up Tomoya The episode starts off with Tomoyo waking up Tomoya (like she’s been doing since episode 17 if I’m not mistaken). Since Tomoya is suspended from school, he really didn’t want to wake up but he did anyway. Why was Tomoya suspended? For fighting at school and saying that he started it to get Tomoyo out of trouble because he wants her to become the student consul president.

Anyway, Tomoya and Tomoyo was sitting around the table eating breakfast and talking when Tomoya’s fathers come in and Tomoyo invited him to site down and have breakfast. At that time, Tomoya gets up and leaves because he doesn’t like his father. We still don’t know why he doesn’t like him but, eh, time will tell us sooner or later.

Youhei's Wake-up call Since Tomoya is now awake, he decided to wake up Youhei, but not in a way that one shall wake anyone up. Instead, that way he woke Youhei up is by taking a pink boxers with hearts on it and puts it on top of Youhei’s head and telling him there’s a girl who wants to confess to him. Of course this wakes him up while running out and getting a nice beating.

Youhei asked Tomoya if he thinks this kind of prank is funny and of course he says that it is (hell, I’ve been laughing my ass off too =) ).

Kyou yelling at Tomoya Anyway, moving on. As the day past, and Tomoya thinks about Nagisa, the Fujibayashi twins shows up and had Tomoya escort them. They went to the game center where they got there horoscopes taken to see if they’re lovers, friends, whatever. Of course Kyou is trying to get Ryou and Tomoya hooked up together in any way possible, so she forced them to put there hands together to get the reading. Of course the horoscope said that they were just friends which pissed off Kyou thinking that Tomoya did something wrong.

After words, they were walking down the street talking about horoscopes when Kyou decides to run off so Ryou and Tomoya could be alone.  And if you haven’t notice, Kyou has been really pushing Ryou and Tomoya together (I wonder why she just doesn’t go for him herself because you can really tell that she likes him). All alone, now, Tomoya asked Ryou if she’s really into those horoscope stuff which she replies that all girls are into it at a genetic level (sure….).  Anyway, they talked for a bit and they left.

Six girls, four different entrées, one stomach, you do the mathSun comes, Tomoyo is, once again, cooking for Tomoya and he questions her about it.  Then the Fuijbayashi twins showed up to give him food as well.  Tomoyo comes from behind to see who it is and Kyou freaks out.  Kotomi shows up behind the Fuijbayashi twins with food as well.  Poor Tomoya, and all 4 girls wants Tomoya to eat there meal.  While they were discussing over who’s meal Tomoya should eat and, of course, they worked hard at making it.  If that doesn’t make things worst, Fuko shows up with her meal as well (and it’s not a pretty sight).  Now you got 5 girls with 4 entrees who all work there dearest (with Fuko showing up out of now where with some… yeah…..) who wants Tomoya to eat it.  I bet you know what’s coming after eating all that food.
Tomoyo violent trampSo Tomoya returns but turns out that Tomoyo is actually in a bit of a pickle.  It seems some people are going around and writing some awful things about her.  Of course, Tomoya doesn’t put up with it and instead decided to help Tomoyo by having a match with every sports club possible, starting with the baseball club.

This, of course, was the edge needed for Tomoyo as now girls are looking up to her as a hero.  After the baseball match and a few other different matches, Tomoya and Tomoyo are walking to and Tomoyo told Tomoya about her past (which you’ll have to watch for yourself) and why she wants to become the student consul president.

Tomoya protecting NagisaThe next day, Nagisa returns from being ill and everything’s back to normal (almost).  Tomoya just stands there, dazed, with confusion about his feelings for her (at least that’s what I think) and they talked a bit.

Then it’s time for the tennis match!  And boy… does Tomoyo looks sexy in a tennis outfit.  Anyway, after the first round, she’s sitting next with Tomoya taking a rest when Tomoyo meets Nagisa again (although she doesn’t remember her clearly), which she then realized why Tomoya is going through all the trouble.

Trouble happens and during the second round, the ball came flying through and hit Nagisa.  When the guy checked on her and was going to grab her to help her up to take her to the nurse’s office, Tomoya swap his hand away and everyone that knew him were shocked.  His true feelings for Nagisa is seeping through and even the twins knows it.

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