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H2O Episode 6, 7, and 8

This article is still a work in progress but has been posted for you’re reading pleasure.  Only have episode 6 up for right now, through.Yep, review time (finally), and since I’m behind, I decided to combine the 3 episodes I’ve watched into 1 article, YEPIE!

Lets start off with episode 6 where you see the fun side (and sad side) of Yui Tabata!  You also learn why she hates Hayami so much.

Hirose spotted! Lock Target!Anyway, the series starts out showing Yui working on the farm fields then praying on some one’s memorial (which turned out to be her grandfather).  After the opening theme, Yui was making her way out when she noticed Hinata and Takuma walking.  As she’s about to yell out to them, she noticed Hayami joining them.

At school, Hinata and Takuma is talking to Hayami and Hayami is pretty much telling them that they can hang out after school but not during school because she doesn’t want to cause any problems, but they hung out at school anyway (how sweet).

Who you calling a roach?So there they are, having a little panic at school when Yui comes up and start saying how it’s against the school rules to bring lunch since lunch is provided by the school.  She also goes on to telling Hinata that it’s bad to be hanging out with Hayami (although not in those words).  Thankfully, Hinata actually stood up for herself asking if it’s wrong to be hanging out with Hayami.  Yui was startled that she actually stood up and ordered her boys to “throw them away” but they don’t move an inch since Hinata is a part of the Kagura family.  So Yui stepped up and kicked the box lunch instead. Of course everyone is freaking out and trying to get Yui to apologize so the village elder won’t do something, but Yui wouldn’t.

After that screen you see Hinata and Takuma at Hayami’s place.  Hinata spoke out loud and said that she couldn’t “believe anyone could stay in such a worn down place” (quoted from BakaWolf-m.3.3.w subs), but then tries to take it back but Hayami didn’t care since there’s a lot of things she can do (such as turning her couch into a bed (you can watch a video of it, but it’s kind choppy, here)).

Hayami and Takuma gives Hinata the grand tour of the place and area.  When they went to where Hayami normally takes her bath and wash dishes, Hinata wonders why Takuma knows so much which then put some dirty thought in her mind thinking that Hayami and Takuma did something in the lake.  Hayami played it off by asking why anyone would with “that” (Takuma) pervert.  Takuma tries to defend himself by saying he didn’t intend on peeping which just makes Hinata wonder even more.

It’s start getting late and Hinata says that they’ll meet up again the next day, which Hayami asked if they were serious because Yui would “blow her top” if she sees them hanging out with her again.  Of course Takuma thinks it’ll work out some how and that Yui is kind hearted but Hayami doesn’t think so because no matter what, Yui would never forgive Hayami.

What? No money no meds?You then later find out why the whole village hated her, it was because her her family being greedy and would not provide medicines to those who need it unless they have money and pretty much took advantage over everyone.  This went on and lead up to Yui’s grandpa deaths.  Since the day Yui’s grandpa died, she could never forgive the Kohinata family.  The village finally stood up to the Kohinata family and the family was dismantled which caused them to separate.

Cuteness alert!Fast forwarding to the next screen, you see Yui, Hamaji, and Maki-san (if I’m not mistaken, but I could be wrong) on the bus heading to town.  They got to town and they heard voices that sounded familiar, then thing you know, Hayami comes out of the store in the cutest look/dress ever!!!!!!  Hayami noticed the other 2 girls standing by the door and everyone was surprised to see each other, of course Yui is the only one who think this is the worst thing ever.

After the break point, you see all 6 of them at a cafe and Hayami said that she shouldn’t have came in the first place and tried to go home but Takuma stopped her and suggested that they all over fun together.  Of course Yui refused and silence fell upon them until the waitress comes with 2 Plateau Whispers (looks like 2 huge brain freeze coming up in my eyes).  The 2 people who ordered such a huge thing are Hayami and Yui.

Brain Freeze!Yui didn’t thought that the ice cream would be that huge and when she stopped staring at it, she noticed Hayami already starting eating her ice cream, and fast too.  Now the race is on to see who can finish the ice cream first.  Naturally they both finished at the same time, and they stared at each other for a few seconds until a big huge brain freeze hits.  Takuma figures it must be a draw at that point.

After the cafe, they went clothes shopping again, Yui went to dry on a dress and started saying that she looks wonderful in it because she’s the one wearing it but Hinata had Hayami try on that same dress and thought she looked wonderful in, this pissed off Yui and told the sales lady that she wants the most expensive dress in the store.  Is this progress?  Otoha thinks so when she randomly showed up next to Takuma again when he was thinking about it.  Otoha showed up to tell him that there isn’t much time left and that made Takuma wonders what she means.

Yui being cockyThe episode continues with them walking down the street and they found them self in front of the arcade next to a punching machine (which is Yui’s specialty).  Yui challenge Hayami to it to see how’s stronger and Yui went first.  Yui gotten a score of 218kg, Hayami stepped up and gotten a score of 350kg (which is a new record), and made Yui depressed and decided to run off and head home, only problem is that she dropped her wallet.

Next scene you see Yui making her way to the bus stop and started looking for her wallet in her back but couldn’t find it.  She doesn’t know what happen to it and she doesn’t want to head back to the group, so she decided to just walk back to the village.

Anyways, fast forwarding a bit, Hayami said there’s only one path that leads to the village and it’s dangerous.  Hayami then told the group to head back to the village by bus and she’ll go find Yui herself.

A happy HayamiYui is going through the forest, feel down, and saw the frame of a building that was burnt down, and this is where you learn everything!  To make the long story short, lets just say that Yui is a bit nicer to Hayami now

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