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Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka – Episode 1

Submitted by on October 5, 2008 – 8:31 pm


So, this is what Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka is all about, random girl and random guy meeting each other on the streets and fate has brought them together…. Or not…

But lets not get too far ahead of each other now as this series can go either way at any moment right now. It’s anyone’s ball game.

So the beginning of the series started off with some girl name Yuuhi Katagiri walking on a sidewalk and bumped into a couple of guys by mistake. sayyoursorry Even though Yuuhi said she was sorry the guy wanted to do something much more until they found out how cute she is without her classes on.

Comes Jun-ichi Nagase, coming up behind those guys and told them to back off.  Just then one of the guys stopped the other guy saying he’s the Geno Killer (which all Jun-ichi could says was, "not this again").genokiller They gotten so scared that they ran away in a jiffy.

After the guys ran away they exchanged a few words the lady’s butler picked her up to take her home.

At home his sister gave him a bit of an hassle like brother and sisters normally do and the night came to an end.  Of course the name day for the new semester of school started he woke up late and just made it to school on time.hesavedme

Now at school his teacher was giving him an hard time because his sister told his teacher to take good care of Jun-ichi.  While they were talking the teacher announced there was a transfer student coming in and comes walks in Yuuhi and they were both surprised to see each other in the same class.  The teacher asked Yuuhi if she knew him and she said that she didn’t but that he saved her.  The teacher was gotten surprised and said that he hoped Jun-ichi didn’t nearly killed the students (of course Jun-ichi declines it).

lookatmeHere you meet Karen Ayanokouji, a rich girl who, from my eyes, always gets what she wants.  I have a good feeling she’ll probably play in a role where she’ll probably do something to get Jun-ichi and Yuuhi angry at each other but for now, lets just stick with the basic of this first episode.

gooutwithmeSo after the teacher left the whole class gathered around Yuuhi to asked her how she knows Jun-ichi from which Karen stands up and tells the class to settled down (probably because she’s jealous).  After which Yuuhi stood up, walk over to Jun-ichi asked him to go out with her from which the whole class was like, "HUH?!"

rumorsCut to the next screen, Yuuhi is talking to Jun-ichi and his friends and they’re teasing Jun-ichi like they always do and keep bringing up those rumors.

So the introductions are done and here comes the next day where a few classmates are teasing Yuuhi asking her if she’s going out with him or not.  Now Karen is even more upset since Yuuhi is not giving her a straight answer so when Jun-ichi came in they asked him to clear things up.

onesidedkiss When they pulled him up for the clarification his mind started racing telling him what to do and so… he kissed her… But… Yuuhi kicks Jun-ichi in the balls because he took her by surprised.

Day at school ended, Jun-ichi’s sister is yelling at him for being a moron and said she’ll apologies for him when someone came to the door to find out it’s Yuuhi at the door and she’s moving in, as Jun-ichi’s fiancee.  Where is the series going to go from here?  That I do not know but can’t wait to find out.

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