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Max Payne is such a Pain

Submitted by on October 18, 2008 – 8:58 pm

max_payne_fuckin_birds So I saw the movie Max Payne, walking in thinking the movie was going to suck but with that attitude in mind allow me to see that the movie wasn’t all "that" bad for a movie that’s based off of a game (although I believe this movie could of done a lot better).

So what is this movie all about?  Pretty much it’s about a guy name Max Payne who lost his wife and kid due to a murder and they couldn’t find the third suspect.  Because they couldn’t find the third suspect, Payne transferred to the Cold Case Unit.

Not very exciting is it?  If you ask me this movie wasn’t that exciting to begin with.  Anyway,

Payne is still out to look for the third suspect that everyone said that he was more likely gone anyway.  One lead got him to talk to one person who didn’t say much so he went back to his snitch.  At the "snitch" hideout he met this one girl who just wanted to have his body which he didn’t want to give up and threw her out of his apartment (oh, I forgot to mention that, he took her back to his place to try to get more "information" from her).

As the movie moves on you see more and more of those demons or "angels" as they call them.  Of course, only those who are on this one kind of drug is able to see those "angels" and most of them die by them as well.

The movie is just long, and boring, for the most part, with unneeded special effects in unneeded scenes.  Like I would say more about it but I don’t want to give away the ending since, I would admit, worth seeing at least once.  For now, just enjoy this boring movie review I just gave you.

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