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Basketball and Mechs, What Can Go Wrong? Basquash – Episode 22

basquash Wow, been awhile since I’ve done an anime review. lets see if I remember where to start…

First off, I’m going to say this now, if you haven’t watched Basquash at all and plan on watching it then I suggest that you don’t read this at all as it contains spoilers and/or confusions. With that said, lets jump on in.

First thing to get off my chest, how the fuck can she change in and out of her boy clothes into her girl clothes and back in only a matter of seconds?  I’m talking about Flora Skybloom (which everyone on Dan’s team knew as Alan until recently when everyone knew). But, anyways, from the last episode you saw her revealing herself to allow Dan and herself to get out of a situation where the town guards pretty much got them surrounded. Of course Dan is slow at realizing of what’s going on but took the fact that he was a she pretty real and pretty fast.  Cut to this episode, SHE’S BACK IN HER BOY’S CLOTHES!!!  How the fuck does that make any sense?

No shit, shurlock

Probably one part that I always find in different movies and shit is that they always point out the most obviousness stuff like “troops all over the place.”  I mean, come on! We can see there’s troops all over the place! *Breaths in, breaths out*

So pretty much Dan and Flora was able to reach Rouge which turns out that her memories of Dan is no longer there.  Wait, what? No longer there? What the fuck does that mean? It means it’s no longer there meaning that some jerk with the power deleted all her memories of him! *Clears throat* Anyways, they get to her and she asked who he was and was even more confused when the other girls were calling his name telling him not to worry.

i_am_youHa, pretty much I was just laughing at this screen for the whole time the opening theme was playing, why? Probably because I’m a jerk… But, anyways, Dan is now even more confused because of her not remembering who he is.  But after Violette and Citron was able to blow Dan off taking Rouge with them, cut to the nerdy guy with glasses who’s a complete jerk setting everything up like a trap.

And Fuck You Too So,yeah, pretty much everything is pencil dick’s evil plans.  But how?  By using Basquash, of course.  What better way to cook up an evil plan and save Earthdash and Mooneyes by using Basquash?  Just play with me, here.

Anyways, the gang shows up and they got the “invite” to destroy Eclipse’s final concert and they went for it.  Come on, our boy Dan is in love with Rouge so it’s only fair, right?  Once again, just play along.

Is That A Trap? So What now?  Good question, why not CRASH THE CONCERT AFTER THERE FIRST SONG!!!

Yep, that’s pretty much how it went. Eclipse started singing, got through one song, then BANG! Bigfoots running around but wait, there’s more! Eclipse was actually waiting for them to play, guess what, BASQUASH! Yep, that’s right, the girl’s Bigfoots came out and a basket came out as well.  And guess who’s the only one who’s confused in the mixed… Yep, you guessed it, Rouge.

Who cares about ruins Of course, as they’re playing, Rouge’s memory slowly started getting back and, yes, you guessed it, they really start getting into Basquash, so much that they started glowing blue and made the same shape as the ruins.  Really?  Really, really?  Alright, I’ll buy it (I guess).

So, after those two play in the nude for awhile longer, they finally decided to “basquash” into the goal (during that time, of course, 4 girls yelled out “go”, although Miyuki quietly said it) which seemed to have awaken some stones… Like I said, play along.

Is he really dead, mommy? So, yeah, happy ending for the two love birds in this episode?  Not quite as Dan gets shot down.  So what happen to Dan?  Who knows until episode 23.

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