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Hayate no Gotoku! vs Lucky Star?

Submitted by on September 29, 2009 – 6:34 am

Hello everyone to another episode of… wait, what am I talking about?  Oh yeah, Hayate no Gotoku! and Lucky Star.  Alright, first off, I’ve only completed up to episode 39 of Hayate.  Reason for this is because I’ve been putting it off and watching it here and there.  So in light of the new season, Hayate2, just finished, I’m going to try to finish this first season and watch the second season (or, should I say, finish watching the 4th season then watch the 5th season).

Anyways, since I’ve saw quite a bit of the episodes already, I think it’s time for me to say my 2 cents for these 2 series and the comparisons.

So, let’s see, Hayate no Gotoku and Lucky Star both started around the same time frame of April of 2007.  The only difference is that Lucky Star ended in Sept. of 2007 while Hayate continued on until Mar. of 2008.  So Hayate has more episodes then Lucky Star.  That doesn’t even include the extra OVA that was released a few months after the last episode aired.

Both series reference anime series, but how it’s reference is the turning point.  In Hayate, they actually become like the character’s they’re referencing to but they’re still playing as there own character which makes it fun to watch and laugh while Lucky Star might actually have a lookalike of a character or the girls might cosplay as one which is cute and fun to watch but not on the floor busting up laughing.

Also, the key thing that makes Hayate so great is the fact that they even change the art work style to match the art work style of the anime they’re referencing to in there own way which is sad to say Lucky Star fails to provide.

Other big difference is that you have an announcer in Hayate where the character’s actually interact with by responding to some of the comments that the announce says.  Hayate also got bouis points for referring to the viewers when something is happening or saying things like, “don’t try this at home.”  Lucky Star has something like that called the Lucky Channel that plays at the end of every episode and sometimes they’ll face the viewers to say something but only a few non-main character’s does that and it’s very small scenes.

Hayate this, Hayate that, what about Lucky Star? There’s gotta be something that beats Hayate!

There is, actually, cute girls and one of them plays H-GAMES!!! And yes, I am an avid H-Game player, I enjoy a few h-games here and there.  So there’s light at the end of the tunnel for Lucky Star in my heart but right now Hayate is winning it over with Hina being in the picture =D

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