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Where There Are Traps, There’s Kampfer


Well, well, well, look what the cat brought in for us anime fans to watch.  It’s the one and only catch-22 anime series of this season where there’s only one (yes, that’s right, only one (if you can’t read worded number’s, that’s 1 to you)) trap in this series (and thank god, I can deal with just 1 trap but no way in hell can I handle 2 or more).  If you want a quick impression summary of this series then check out bluesnow’s entry over at zokatu.com since this is going to be kinda long (but entertaining nonetheless, like any of my entries).

Anyways, just like how I like to start any of my initial review, a plot summary of what the series about.

Senou Natsuru is your normal, everyday high school student. However he’s been chosen to be a Kampfer, who’s objective consists on fighting other Kampfer with either guns, swords or magic, however, there’s catch; first you can’t chose if you´re a Kampfer or not, and second, you must have the body of a girl to use your powers. [ANN]

Alright, now that’s done, lets move onto the review, shall we?

Because I'm free falling So the series starts off with our heroine running away away from another girl shooting her trying to kill her.  WAIT, WHAT?! WHY!!! Just hold your horses, I’m getting there, I’m getting there, gez.

Anyways, after he was somewhat shot off a building the opening theme kicked in AND BEFORE YOU ASK ME ANYTHING ELSE LIKE ME FINISH!!!  Anyways, after the opening theme you find our heroine in her bedroom screaming her head off about her chest getting bigger, hair growing longer, and under that she never wear before.

whatlovelychestaswell Then a plushie started talking to her about how she was transformed into a female since all kampfer is females.

… Wait, what? You’re telling me that she, is a he?

So… that means…



So after we found out our heroine is actually a male that was transformed into a female because all kampfer fighters has to be females, the plushie continues to talk to to him and he’s in total disbelieve (and hell, I wouldn’t blame him, if I wake up one day and find my penis gone and my chest became larger and my hair grew longer, I’d be in disbelieve as well).

hopeyourpayingattention So, anyways, the plushie talks to him about what a kampfer is and that when his bracelet begins to grow it means he’s about to transform.  The plushie continues mentioning that he’s a messenger that was sent by the moderators saying that he’s something similar to an angel.

So what did Natsuru do?  Pick him up by his intestines, spin him around yelling out that he’s a guy and throws him against his stereo system.  Then he falls on his bed saying this must be a bad dream from which the plushie climbed up his bed asking if he wants to go back to sleep and does a drop kick to knock him out.

For now So Natsuru wakes up the next day and checks to see if his package is there and breathe a sigh of relief when it was there.

So he starts off his morning running to the bus but misses it but luck was on his side because the girl of his dreams, Kaede Sakura, run out and missed the bus as well.  Excited to see her like any guy would who’s not mainly enough would yelled out her name and she turned around an greeted Natsuru with a bright smile, so bright that even the sun is glaring off of her as well.

Oh god, stop the brightness! So our little virgin friend here decided to ask Kaede if she wants to ride the bus to school together with him (yeah, well smooth with the ladies there Natsuru).  Like a nice girl that she is, Kaede agrees and Natsuru’s blood starts pumping (alright, I made that part up but for all I know he probably had the biggest boner when she replied back to him).  So while they were waiting for the bus, Kaede noticed that Natsuru was was really happy and asked if something good happen from which he responded that he bumped into her.  And, of course, Kaede responded back saying that she’s glad that she bumped into him as well.

Here comes the trap transformation So while waiting for the bus you find out that the tiger plushie belongs to Kaede and she also saw Natsuru’s bracelet.  When she commented how beautiful it was to him, Natsuru had a rude awaken and guess what… it started growing.  Natsuru then remembers what that plushie said about what will happen when it starts growing so he quickly think of a reason to say to poor Kaede and pretty much ditched her but before he actually could because Kaede kept asking him questions and what not, the girl from the start of the episode shows up and took a shot at him.

I wish it was a dream too So after the other chick confronts him, a bus some happen to drive by and Natsuru takes off with the other chick chasing after him and here’s the transformation scene where you see a guy grow breast and longer hair and changed into a female’s school uniform. *sigh*

So Natsuru is being chases around and even said to him self at the start saying it wasn’t a dream after all like he was hoping off (yeah, I was hoping you were just a figment of my imagination, but I guess I was wrong as well).

Wow, what a potty mouth So during this chase he’s pretty much trying to dodge bullets and at one point actually jumped on top of a traffic light (yeah…).  Impressed, the unknown chick identify herself as Akane Mishima.

Before anything else can happen, Kaede comes running by looking for Natsuru and Akane turns her cut at her and was about to fire when Natsuru jumps down and shoots a fireball at Akane from which Akane finds out that Natsuru is a Zauber type (a person who can use magic).  While Akane continues to talk and about to fire her gun again, a telephone poll was falling down and Natsuru saved her.

Be a man, Natsuru, err... I mean woman! So after he saved her life, Akane said this was boring and takes off and Kaede comes running up to Natsuru from which he runs off as well.

So at school, you learn that the school building is separated. One side is for girls and another side is for boys and the way you find this out because someone was calling for Natsuru because there was someone from the girl’s side calling for him and that random guy starts going on a rampage about the 2 idols of the school would make a big ruckus if it was Kaede or some other chick that came to the boy’s side.

Also went onto some other girl that Natsuru knew since childhood or whatever.  Not important, lets move on.  So after awhile of this nonsense went on, they started teasing Natsuru because of the fact that the girl looks like she was about to cry.

Librarian huh? So Natsuru went out into the hall and met her and asked how she got over to the boy’s side.  Turns out that this unknown girl is a librarian so she had a pass.  So when he asked for her name, guess who… yes, that’s right, it’s Akane in the non-transformed flesh.

Cut to the half way point of the episode.  Wait, what?  Half way through already?  only dang this a big entry. But, anyways, lets keep moving, shall we?

what_are_you_thinking_girl So here we are, in the library and Akane and Natsuru is talking to each other about what’s going on. So turns out that Akane’s personality changes when she becomes a Kampfer. You also learn that there are 2 different color bracelets, a blue one and red one, which shows which side you’re on.  Turns out that Natsuru and Akane are part of the same side. You also learn about the weapon types such as gewehr, the Gun type, that Akane uses and the Zauber types that Natsuru uses. There’s also one more type, the schwert type, which they use a sword. You also learn that Akane has a real perverted mind.

sexual_things_huh So this and that happen, nothing too exciting, Akane starts acting like a pervert again and more misunderstandings,lets fast forward.

So you meet the student body president and more transformation. Lets fast forward again.

So now you learn that at first the transformation is random but you start to control the transformation and you see poor Natsuru having to go to the restroom and had to debate rather to take the skirt off or just flip it up.

so_youre_into_yuri_huh Come towards the end of the day you see Natsuru transformed back to his male self and walking to Akane when Kaede comes running up to him. Akane takes off and Kaede asks Natsuru that if he knows the girl who saved her that morning to introduce that girl to her and Natsuru got all hurt because Kaede is in love with the female inside of him… wait, what? Never mind.

So back at home the tiger plushie is laughing at him because of the fact that Kaede is in love of the female Natsuru. The tiger plushie goes on to saying since he’s one and same it shouldn’t be a big deal but he rejects by saying that he wants Kaede to fall in love with his male self (yea… I don’t think he ever was a male to begin with).

what_is_up_indeed So he also talks to Akane about what he should do from which you get into a whole scene of Akane telling Natsuru to just call her by her given name and so Natsuru responded back saying she can do the same and guess who came back? The badass Akane shows up and puts a gun to his face (yeah, she really love guns, if you know what I mean).

So another bunch of nonsense dialog goes on until they get attack.  By who? Who knows, just have to wait until the second episode comes out (and no, it’s not Kaede even though she just so happen to show up at that very moment, even though that would be pretty sexy).

So over all, the first episode got me pretty interested in the series and will give it a go to see where it takes me.

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  • Bluesnow says:

    I demand more traps D=

  • Sasha says:

    The bracelet thing reminds me of Witchblade. If some girl was chasing me, I’d just knock her one in the face xD By the images I can see a lot of the stereotype anime girls.

  • LMAO says:

    Ehm… and you call this a “review”?

    You just narrated the whole episode from start to end! That’s not a review.

    And you didn’t give any opinion other than “the first episode got me pretty interested in the series”.

    That’s a joke of a review. This is more like a big SPOILER of the entire episode!

    Please, learn to do a proper review without revealing the whole plot (i.e.: without spoilers) before you attempt to make another “review”.

    And it’s not even “entertaining, like any of your entries” ;-)

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