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March 6, 2014 – 2:32 am | 5,406 views

So I built a new system that is designed to be my gaming rig but decided to go with Windows 8.1. Hey, got a copy for free from my TechNet Subscription (which, sadly, will be …

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Was it a Merry Christmas? Was it a Happy New Year?

Hey there everyone, it is I, scsa20, in a new year… wait… it’s a new year already?  Oh shoot, didn’t noticed.  Anyways, just want to let everyone know what’s been going on and what’s up the lack and updates and all.  Still trying to get Horo to at least post something, doesn’t matter what as long as he posts and sooner or later I’ll get an “Ask for Advice from Horo” form up whenever I’m not busy.

Anyways, pretty much Christmas came late for me this year since I was working (I work Monday evenings through Saturday morning, so yeah).  On Saturday, the day after Christmas, everyone came over to my house to check it out and what not and open some presents (of course, my sister and them open there presents on Christmas day, but did I care?  Nah, why should I?) and I gotten a few niffy things.  One thing I got was DJ Hero for the PS3 (awesome game, if I might add), a towel set with the letter ‘M’ on it, a stainless steal spice rack, some sort of pizza cutter of a fat guy of some sort, a traditional Japanese dinner set (with 2 plats, rice bow, place mats, and chopsticks), a traditional Saki cups and pour-er (2 cups and 1 pour-er), and 2 different kind of Saki.

Any who, I wasn’t planning on typing up a whole bunch right now, just thought I’d give you a bit of an update… speaking of which, how does podcasting sound?  I mean, I’m thinking about doing podcasting, does that sound good?  Let me know.

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  • Shannon says:

    Oh podcasting would be GREAT! NOT! Too bad RSSs can’t be podcasted… oh my god you have one of the worst RSSs that breaks your site on a REGULAR basis… sorry its true or at least every time I come to visit its so difficult to read black on grey when one of your RSS breaks the site (and I certainly hope it isn’t mine)

    Which is the reason why I don’t use the default RSS plugin/widget, GET something else if you want to display RSS.

    I’ve thought about podcasts, but why? It’ll tempt me to ramble more and more don’tcha think?

    • scsa20 says:

      There’s this one podcast plugin I’m using that does do RSS for podcast from which the URL is http://www.scsa20.com/feed/podcast (only thing is that if you go to it now, because I don’t have any podcasts, it won’t show anything and gives you an error saying page not found).

      And I know which RSS feed it is, and just too lazy to find a plugin or whatever to allow me to use an RSS feed that likes to get broken unless you have one to recommend.

  • Effortlessly, the information is in fact the greatest on this laudable topic. I consent with your conclusions and willeagerly anticipate your future updates. Saying thanks will not be adequate, for the tremendous clarity in your writing. I will immediately grab your rss feed to stay abreast of any updates. Great work and much success!

  • I was just talking with my coworker about this the other day at the resturant. Don’t know how we got on the topic actually , they brought it up. I do remember having a amazing fruit salad with sunflower seeds on it. I digress…

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