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So I built a new system that is designed to be my gaming rig but decided to go with Windows 8.1. Hey, got a copy for free from my TechNet Subscription (which, sadly, will be …

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Shira Oka: Second Chances – “Am I Seeing An Angel?”

So, remember my last post Shira Oka: Getting a Second Chance? Well, truth be told, I was actually on the beta testing team for that game the only a few people knew about.  Since I was under an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) at the time I couldn’t really say much (although I could of said that I was on the beta testing team, I chose to only let a few people know).  Now that the NDA has became null and we’re now under a SLA (Software License Agreement) I could freely talk about the game but not giving away things like, say, the endings.

Why didn’t you say anything before? It’s mainly because I didn’t want to say too much at the time due to the NDA that I signed. But now that it has became null I can talk about it now.

So what exactly is this visual novel/dating sim about? It’s about this boy (who you can name during the creation screen) that goes back to his high school life to get a second chance at his life because apparently you are a broke down drunk with no job and no girlfriend.

What’s the game play like? The game play is almost like True Love. If you haven’t played True Love then let me explain. What you do is you choose an activity you’d like to do for the week or weekend and every so often you run into either an random event or a set time event. You know what’s a set time event is if you look at the calendar and see a question mark on a day. You’re also trying to win affection from the girl (or guy) you’re aiming for. Depending on your stats level and the affection level of the characters will land you to there ending.

Wait… did you just say you can aim at getting a guy? Yes, I did, which was kinda odd for me as well on why you can aim for a guy but the way they did it was instead of a dating stand point when aiming for a guy, it’s more of a “we’re going to best buds forever” type of stand point.  Haven’t gotten any of there endings so I’m not too sure how exactly sure how it plays out in the end but it’s not like boy has butt sex with them. Besides, even if I do know the ending, I wouldn’t tell ya =p

Speaking of butt sex, is there any sort of, you know… h-scenes? Are you a perv or what, not all dating sims/visual novels has to have h-scenes to make them good.  With that said, no, this game does not have h-scenes.

This game sounds interesting, do you know how I pick up a copy? This game is currently still in beta stages, currently I have no ideal of when the final product would be done and released but it’s getting really close.

You said in the last post about this game that it’s being created by a start up company, what’s it like helping them in beta testing this up coming game? Pretty awesome to be honest. I’ve been selected to beta test other softwares before (I’ve been selected to beta test OnLive as well just recently but can’t talk about it at all, plus I don’t even remember how I got selected to be a beta tester for OnLive) but there’s some form to fill out on your feedback and what not. With those kind of beta testing there’s tons of beta testers so you don’t really talk with the developers directly and your ideals gets implicated either much further down the line or not at all. Working with Okashi Studios is a treat as there’s not too many testers and you have direct communication with the developers. Some ideals was brought up, next day it was added, it was nice and completely different from other companies when it comes to beta testing software.

How did you became part of the testing team? Funny story, actually, I was on there forums since I’ve first heard about it after FAnime Con 2006, about a year or so later they posted an announcement saying they’re looking for alpha testers and to fill out an assessment form of the computer setup. I filled it out and submitted it. About half a year later they started to actually look for alpha testers and they contacted me. I emailed the person back and forth and turns out they decided to hold off on getting alpha testers for awhile. That was towards the beginning of 2009. A year later, they sent out an email to everyone on there mailing list saying they’re, once again, looking for testers but not for alpha testing but for beta testing. I was still interested so I emailed them saying I was still interested and don’t remember if they remember me but I was emailing back and forth one of there contacts over there. Next day I was online browsing around and I got an email back saying that she did, in fact, remembered me and told me to send an IM to this one person, so I popped onto meebo, logged into AIM, and sent the person I had to contact an IM. First responds that came out of his mouth was, “holy shit that was fast.” And so, it just went from there.

Anyways, I’ll leave it here for now. If you got any sort of questions about the game, shoot it my way and I’ll add it to this post. I’ll also let you know when the game becomes available.

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