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Problems with Online Dating


Ever been so lonely to the point that you turned to sites like match.com or chemistry.com or one of hundreds of other online dating sites? Ever gotten so lonely that you’ve actually paid for a subscription to that site to see if you will ever find someone or hopes that someone messages you back? There’s something wrong with this picture. and I’m going to point it out since I’ve been bored to death and actually tried a few of this sites. Yes, I’ve actually bought a subscription go match.com at one point because 1) I had the money at the time and 2) I was bored and wanted to see if it’s all what it’s cracked up to be. And yes, I actually had a subscription to chemistry.com at one point as well but it was my dad that bought it and why that site because my sister suggested it but again was mainly because I was bored and had nothing better to do. And I also got a subscription to doulike.com recently as well because, hey, had the money at the time (can very easily make all my payments with no issue with that little money I spend on this subscription) and because I’m bored.

So here’s the overall low down on these kind of sites. A lot of these type of sites works by letting you sign up for free and have your profile out there and a lot of the times lets you also do a search or “match search” for people and might even go as far as allowing you to view there profile or a few of your “match” photos. Here’s the primary catch, if you want to try to send a “match” a message (or email if you will) you have to have a subscription at that point. And believe me, a subscription does not come cheap (anywhere from $20 a month to $50 a month and maybe more depending on if you do it for month to month or every 3 months and what not).

Hell, I remember seeing one online dating site (forgot which one) where girls are allowed to register and message guys without having to pay a dime but all the guys had to pay to message a lady back so there’s nothing really fair there when it comes to online dating it seems.

It’s not just a subscription is a problem, there’s also the problem that since it’s all online, you can very easily message someone and not get a responds back at all and it could be one of two reasons (well… three reasons if you really want to think about it). 1) He or she does not have a subscription and thus unable to either view your message and/or responds to it (more common when someone registers just to check out to see if there’s anyone worth there wild to even get a subscription for or not); 2) He or she is not interested in you and so instead of responding back with “thanks but no thanks” they just ignore your message completely instead; and if you really want to push it, 3) they already gotten someone and don’t want to message you back about it and/or forgot to remove there profile but did or did not cancel there own subscription. The reason why I’m really doubting number 3 is because it just seems very unlikely that could be the reason. Most people who found themselves a date would either hide there profile or get it removed completely. I can believe number 1 and 2 more then number 3.

So what does this all mean? I means this. Girls has the most advantage with this site then guys do. Even more so if you’re between 18 and 30 (or so) since they’re still young that most girls will be looking for that bad boy style look who has a hot rod car, etc. Pretty much what I’m getting at is that most girls are going after those “hot” guys since that’s all they really care about is looks. They don’t care if the guy is a dead beat as long as he looks good and/or get money from there mommy and daddy. There are a few girls who might look at your profile but if there’s any hint of not being “hip” they’ll move on, assuming you’re either good looking or don’t have a profile picture up and the girl so happens to not really care too much about that.

A good example is if you write down you’re good with computers or your job involves being around computers a good majority of the time, you’d think a girl will come flying at you with open arms since, hey, they’ll have a boyfriend who can fix there computer when it crashes for free! Sadly it doesn’t work that way, you’d have a much better luck by lying through your teeth (or keys, rather) by saying you own an island with a nice house boat and private jet, and, I think you got my point already.

So is it worth going through the online dating scheme? If you’re a female, go for it, I’m sure you can find someone in a matter of minutes, I know my sister did. If you’re a guy, ehh…. maybe days or weeks before you get a responds unless you’re some sexy beast that girls can’t keep there hands off of ya.

In all honestly, though, it’s probably be better off just going to a bar or something, drink some liquid courage, and start asking random girls out at the bar then going through the online dating mess if you’re a guy because, like I said, it’s more geared girls then it is towards guys (even more so if you’re an average Joe like I am).

And I probably have more to say on this matter later but for now, I’m off to sleep, got work tonight.

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  • @jellokun says:

    I found my wife on eHarmony.com we both love technology and a lot of similar interests heck I even got her addicted to Death Note lol. Online dating is stacked against us this was a topic her and I spoke about when we first starting dating and she said she would just get flooded with messages and other stuff that she would have to spend awhile figuring out if it was shotgunning or someone who was serious.

    The biggest thing I took away while I did the whole online dating thing was I TOLD THE TRUTH, I'm legally blind, I don't drive but i have a job I can support myself I didn't put up a front acting like someone I'm not because once you meet the person in real life your front can be easily blown and its not a good way to base a relationship.

    Did I message several girls who seemed like a good fit? hell yeah I did, did I get little to no response sure did but after some time I started getting hits on my profile yes but I'll admit it, it wasn't like I set a profile up and was like fending girls off with a stick it took a few months for anything to happen. It does get depressing sometimes especially on the holidays but stick with it.

    I've also been on Match.com I found a girl on there and we dated for a bit but again it took time. I wish you luck in your search for the girl of your dreams it can frustrating when you've been talking to a girl and think you might get to meet her and she finds someone else. But hang in there eventually you'll find a girl it just takes time and patience :)

    • scsa20 says:

      The article isn't about me being lonely or anything, it was a general article about online dating in general and the problems with it. I didn't say that online dating doesn't work but more towards where a girl has a greater advantage over getting a guy quickly then it is for a guy getting a girl. In your example it had taken you about a good few months or so to find someone while I bet your wife only taken only a few days to meet you (after going through so many Mr. Wrongs and guys who's just shooting messages just to shoot a message).

      I'm happy that you're able to meet your wife through one of the online dating sites but for me it just seems like a waste after looking at the odds (not many females has the same tastes as me, at least out in Arizona =p ), I have a better track record meeting girls through IRC (which I first met my first girlfriend through).

      But, yeah, thank you for your experiences, though =)

  • 2584 says:

    This seems to be the normal fair. In the end they are just trying to make a quick buck. I've seen news reports about how they are basing on ethnicity and religion. Though the fewer variables that have to be figured out are more attractive to some.

    I did the match dot com thing once. It ended up that I was in the 20% who weren't compatible with anyone. >.> Go figure.

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