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So I built a new system that is designed to be my gaming rig but decided to go with Windows 8.1. Hey, got a copy for free from my TechNet Subscription (which, sadly, will be …

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Galaxy S III


So some of you might have been wondering where I’ve been off to (or probably don’t even care) but I’ve been here the whole time, working on the back-end of things, and lazy on posting something. I got a few things to post currently though, so this will be the first one.

The Samsung Galaxy S III, such a sexy beast (probably not as sexy as the Galaxy Note 2 that Sprint and T-Mobile released just last week with Verizon and AT&T getting them in the upcoming weeks but damn it is still sexy to me).  I have the Verizon version (the SCH-I535) so at first there wasn’t much out for it because of the bootlooder being locked until someone got a leaked version out and is now unlocked.

This phone is leap and bounds over my old phone (if you guys didn’t remember I had the HTC Thunderbolt, not too sure if I talked about it much but I did released my splash screen for people to use).

Although the US version lacks the Quad-core processor that the International version has, it’s still 10 times faster than my old Thunderbolt.

I’m not going to go over the full specs for the Galaxy S III (SCH-I535), but if you want to know it you can head over to here to read the full specs. I’m just going to go over what I currently like about it and what I’m currently running (for those interested in it).


Lets go over the likes shall we?

  1. Screen size – The Galaxy S III has a 4.8 inch display with a screen resolution of 720 x 1280, yes the screen is that beautiful.
  2. Adobe Flash – Yes, this has Adobe Flash Player. Although Adobe is no longer supporting the Flash Player on Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) and on, Samsung feels the need of having it since the majority of the web still relies on it. Once the web starts to relies on HTML5 instead of Flash, you can expect Flash to stop existing.
  3. NFC support – Although we Verizon users don’t have Google Wallet yet (unless you’re rooted, like I am, and download this package to get Google Wallet), there’s still quite a bit you can use NFC. For starters, you can use the new S-Beam that Samsung introduced that allows you to send pictures, apps, map locations and more to other Samsung supported devices. Of course you can also use Android Beam (default for all NFC supported devices) to share, same, map locations, but the power is with S-Beam abilities to send almost anything that’s currently on your screen.
  4. S-Voice – Samsung’s solution to Apple’s Siri. Sure Google had the function with it’s Google Search feature since, probably, 2.0 (can’t remember, probably further back) but it was over looked until S-Voice came out and now Google has released Google Now (which is their solution to the problem as well) in JellyBean (4.1). Either case, S-Voice is actually really useful, even when on the go.
  5. The included earphones – The earphones that was included really good, probably as good as Apple’s Earphones
  6. Smart Keep Awake – Don’t you just hate it when the screen turns off when you’re actually reading something? Samsung as a solution to that with there smart stay awake feature where once it gets to the point where it goes to sleep it first checks to see if it sees something that looks like a face looking at it and if so resets the counter, and if it doesn’t it puts the phone to sleep.


Although some of the follow might not be noteworthy and probably just annoying

  1. Locked bootloader – The Big Red decided that the bootloader should be locked, while all the other carries in the US allows the bootloader to be unlock, the Big Red sees differently. Now that doesn’t mean that the bootloader isn’t unlockible, in fact, it’s already unlocked. Heck, you can just download the unlock app and do it the lazy way as long as you already got root access.
  2. Small battery – battery life isn’t much if you’re constantly doing something and the screen never gets to turn off you can kill the battery pretty fast. Since I’m not one of those people I can last about 16 to 17 hours before having to worry plugging it into a charger but still annoying on days I do constantly on it.
  3. Not a Quad-core processor – This isn’t directly related to the Verizon version either, this is for all the US version, it’s a dual-core processor and not a quad-core like the International release version.

Anyways, it’s getting pretty late and I’m getting pretty tired so I’ll leave you with what I’m currently running on my phone in terms of ROM, and that is JellyWiz Hybrid by Insubus26jc (it’s a hybrid of the leaked version of JellyBean (4.1.1) for T-Mobile and Sprint)

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