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March 6, 2014 – 2:32 am | 5,402 views

So I built a new system that is designed to be my gaming rig but decided to go with Windows 8.1. Hey, got a copy for free from my TechNet Subscription (which, sadly, will be …

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No decent title that doesn’t sound too depressing…

May 26, 2010 – 6:08 am | 2,610 views

Like the title implies, this post/rant might be a little on the depressing side… So take this as a warning.
Dreams. Youth. Potential.
Whatever happened to these things? When we were young, we’d so often hear about …

Relationships? Oh, this won’t end well.

May 20, 2010 – 10:15 pm | 1,654 views

Looks like I’ve someone who wants my particular brand of advice.
Awesome. :D
First of all, pardon the title. It’s just… There is no ‘perfect’ advice for these sorts of things. I can tell you what …

A Bit on Apathy? Eh, I Don’t Feel Like It…

May 18, 2010 – 10:12 pm | 1,490 views

Recently I’ve noticed something. People seem to be caring less and less. It doesn’t matter about what. It just seems to be happening. Whether it’s intentional apathy or just slow desensitization, people are showing much …

Many, many apologies.

May 16, 2010 – 6:33 pm | 1,479 views

So… I’m finally back… Again.
For those who are even a wee bit concerned, and for those who don’t know who I am or what I do…
I am Horo. I ‘run’ Horo’s Corner. It’s essentially an …

Ehe… Whoops.

December 22, 2009 – 2:20 am | 1,853 views

Hey everyone. Apologies about not being around. I’ve been busy with some stuff I shan’t go into.
I am here now, however, and I will be making full use of my time/skills.
Firstly, the only EMail I …

Welcome to Horo’s Corner

October 1, 2009 – 8:55 pm | 1,337 views

Heyo all, and welcome to Horo’s Corner.
I suppose I owe you all a bit of an explanations to what this is. Essentially, this is going to be an advice column, similar to ‘Dear Abby’. Advice-giving …